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We SAID: Simple Green


Staff Writer

If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, then Theorie is on the right path. The company known for its styling tools has branched out to hair care and maintenance, in beautiful fashion.

The Green Tea line might feature one of the simplest ingredient lists we’ve come across in a long time. The primary ingredients in every product in the collection are Green Tea and Ginko Biloba. We like. The line is as simple as the ingredients: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Serum, and two hair sprays for medium and firm hold.

theorieThe Shampoo is straightforward: it claims to clean your  hair without stripping it. Period. There are no special promises about infusions of secret sauce. You put it in your hair, lather, rinse. The simplicity is nearly nostalgic. We love that the formula is also gentle enough to comb through.

The Conditioner is equally straightforward. Put it in, dance around the shower and theorie1sing a few show-tunes while it goes to work, and rinse it out. The result is clean, detangled hair. The slip is standard and rinses fairly clean.

The Hair Mask is meant to be a boosted version of the conditioner. It’s not very ‘mask’-like at all… but more of a heavy cream. Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, which smell  light and fresh, the mask has little to no fragrance. It has the tiniest hint of mint mixed in, which is more pleasant than prickly. The mask can likely be filed under optional. It functions much, if not exactly like the conditioner. We noticed no real difference in results when using the mask after shampoo… or after shampooing and conditioning first. That’s a real testament to the effectiveness of the shampoo and conditioner. The addition of the mask may be for more psychological satisfaction than physical results.

The Hair Serum functions like most serums on the market; the silicone based formula contains a little oil and a couple of botanicals. For the most part, it’s a shine enhancer. A little will make hair manageable; too much will weigh hair down and cause it to look dirty.

Same for the Hair Sprays. They’re good… but not write-home-to-your-bestie amazing. They’re great additions to your bathroom or professional kit because of the natural ingredients (plus they look good). Lovely, but not a must have.

Overall, the line performs. The simplicity of the ingredients and lack of super-human claims pushes this collection to the front of the class. In a highly saturated market full of snake oil and miracle cures, it’s always nice to find a product that does exactly what it says.

She SAID: O-Beautiful

Shahada Karim

I’m just going to cut to the chase: this works. In a market saturated with products that promise the perfect balance of nature and science, The O-Live Skin Care collection from Phyto-C delivers on nearly every single promise.

DrOmarThe brand is spearheaded by Dr. Mostafa M. Omar. He serves as Professor of Pharmacognosy at the University of Rhode Island, School of Pharmacy. His cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical formulations are  based on modern application of ancient herbal medicine. Dr. Mostafa boasts 40 years of expert research and application, and an “Excellence Award in Research” by University of Rhode Island Alumni Association. So I really  had no problem trusting him with my acne-prone, sensitive skin.

When the Superheal O-Live Serum arrived at my door, I was dealing with cystic pimples oliveserumbrought on by too much stress and too little sleep. I incorporated the serum into my regular nighttime regimen, and began to see results in about 48 hours. After a week, my cystic pimples were gone and I had no new breakouts. To help the process along, I used the Superheal O-Live Mask twice a week. Within 3 weeks my skin was perfectly clear, with no evidence that I’d been a sensitive bumpy mess in the days prior.

olivemaskThese two items are now a permanent part of my ’emergency skin care’ kit. They work quickly (best overnight). I found that these are not everyday items; continued use left me a bit irritated around the nose and mouth. I dare say they are too powerful for regular use. Put me down as  a believer. Dr. Mostafa can handle my skin, and all of its many issues, any day.

She SAID: Power Of The Patch

Terri Kennerson

I love to travel. There’s nothing more exciting than hopping in the car, on the plane, or on a train (yes, I take those too) for a new destination. Getting there is the easy part. The trouble begins when I come home, and try to get back to ‘business as usual.’patchology2

No matter how much fun I’ve had away… getting back into the swing of things (and not looking like I’ve been hit by a 2-ton boulder) is the worst. My normal recovery routine consists of too much coffee and stolen cat naps whenever time allows. But I’m trying to do better, so I’ve turned to Patchology for a little help.

patchologyThe company merges patch technology and skin care, to deliver targeted treatment. For me, that’s tired puffy eyes. One Patchology kit contains a series of ‘patches’ for 12 treatments, and an activating gel. 20 minutes later and my eyes are brighter and tighter. Instead of two hours of sleep I look like I’ve gotten maybe… six.

The concept behind patch skin care is not new. Patches have been used for centuries to deliver a targeted care. They first appeared in ancient Chinese medicine with medicinal herbal plasters, and were used across many cultures. More recently, patches have been scientifically developed in the medical field to deliver ingredients such as nicotine, hormones and pain medications.

I just want to fool the world into thinking I’m well rested and have it all together, no matter how far I’ve traveled.