She SAID: Wear Capo-Nata

Shahada Karim

Natascha Hopkins has managed to make her mark in a town where millions struggle to stand out. Instead of adapting or trying to be someone (or something) deemed ‘acceptable’ to the entertainment industry, Hopkins has blazed her own trail. A professional stuntwoman by trade, Hopkins has doubled for the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith, Zoe Kravitz, and most recently … Halle Berry.

She’s also the mastermind behind the brand Capo-Nata and its crown jewel, the Lean Body Bra.

SM: What does Capo-Nata mean? Why did you choose the name?
NH: Capo-Nata means BORN LEADER in Italian. It was a very easy and appropriate name to represent my company. My parents guided me (about) what the connection would be to my consumers, as they wore the clothing we offer.  I thought about self reliance, self discipline and self confidence, (because) that is the reflection of the designs (which includes sizes for our beautiful full figured women).  This makes it easy for women to say “I am Capo-Nata.” They are immediately attached and inspired.  
SM: Who wears Capo-Nata?
NH: Anyone who is interested in health, fitness and needs comfort & style. Capo-Nata designs merges function and fashion, so  it can be classified as “gym to street.”  In addition, the Capo-Nata Lean Body Sports Bra can be worn during exercise, but as a pleasant surprise women are wearing it out because of the appealing look of the slight lift of the bust and the cinched waistline.
SM: What makes the Lean Body Bra so unique?
NH: The Capo-Nata Lean Body Sports Bra is extremely unique because it was granted a UTILITY PATENT!!  I discovered women were wearing TWO and THREE sports bras on top of each other to secure their bust and people were wearing those unattractive waist trimmers that scratch your skin with the velcro.  I had a simple idea of integrating a sports bra with the non-breathable fabric (neoprene), to make the midsection sweat!!! The Lean Body Sports Bra is the solution for women who need bust and back support, while trimming the waistline. 
SM: Can anyone wear the Lean Body Bra?
NH: Any women and every women can wear the Lean Body Sports Bra!!! From the women who prefers the more intense work outs, to someone like my mother who likes to wear it leisurely at home. The Lean Body Sports Bra is so diverse because it is a THREE-IN-ONE product.
  1. Trimming the waistline has been a HUGE advantage we have with our Lean Body Sports Bra. Every women wants that hour glass shape and now we have a safe way to the contour the waistline and produce results. The Lean Body Sports Bra IS ALSO PREFECT FOR POST PREGNANCY WAIT LOSS!  We held a company clinical trial and the sizes medium and up LOST INCHES IN THEIR WAIST with in 4 weeks. It was amazing to measure and really see the progress. It works !!
  2. The back support is great for individuals who have back strain due to their trade like dentists, massage therapist, dermatologists, luggage carriers, etc.  And as a professional stuntwoman I have multiple pinched nerves on my back so the Lean Body Sports Bra helps me during my activities because of the major back support.  
  3. The security of the bust is pretty amazing too! When we have done expos most women sizes XL and up assume we do not carry their size, but WE DO!!! Capo-Nata is very proud to carry full figured sizes so the bust support has been a goal for us to keep those puppies down, we know it’s painful and it’s got to stop!!
SM: You’re in the middle of a fund-raising campaign for the Lean Body Bra. What is your goal? Where does the money go?
NH: I am currently doing a crowd funding campaign for the Capo-Nata Lean Body Sports Bra on Indiegogo.  Our goal is to reach $10,000. The funding will go to production for the Lean Body Sports Bras, upgrading our office which will include computers, software and organization and marketing tools.