She SAID: Autumn Prep

Terri Kennerson

We’re more than a month away from the official start of Autumn, but it’s never to early to hit the ‘reset’ button on too much unfiltered sun, surf, and quintessential summer stuff. Frolicking in UVA/UVB rays have long since passed the point of ignorance; we know far too much about the short and long term effects (although millions of Americans still risk exposure by simply driving in their cars) of sun damage to be so careless. But let’s be honest, some of us still do it, even when we don’t mean to.


Just because the next season is rolling through, doesn’t mean we shelve the sunscreen. If  summertoautumn1you’ve been diligent enough to wear it every day, and reapply as necessary, then you’re already ahead of the game. And if you’re intelligently blocking both UVA and UVB rays effectively, even better. The sun keeps shining all year round, even if we can’t see it. Cloud cover doesn’t mean better skin protection, so keep a bottle handy and reapply early and often.


Skin Care shifts are as individual as they come, but it’s a fair bet to say you’re going to need to adjust your skin care needs as the season changes. summertoautumn2This goes for both face and body care. Humidity levels typically drop, prompting a boost in moisturizing needs for all skin types. Even oily types have to think about more moisture, to keep skin from overproducing sebum to try and protect itself. When searching for new skin care, think ‘subtle’ rather than drastic. Massive changes in ingredients, moisture levels or formulations might cause your skin to react negatively.


Protect, protect, protect! Jump-start your seasonal hair care routine with somsummertoautumn3ething indulgent like a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment. Hair tends to take a beating over the summer (carefree styles tend to leave hair exposed to harsh environmental conditions), so a little TLC goes a long way to get tresses ready for the cooler months. On average, all hair types tend to be drier and grow slower in Autumn and Winter. Now is a good time to start thinking of richer formulations for shampoos and conditioners, and maybe invest in a really good deep and leave-in conditioner. Whether you go natural or chemical with formulations, tried and tested ingredients like Honey (hydrating), Avocado (protecting), and Olive Oil (moisturizing) are staples to look for in both.


We SAID: Summer Skin Prep

Staff Writer

The official start to Summer is still a couple of weeks away, so there’s no time like the present to get your  hair and skin in top shape for the coming season.


Easy does it. Put down the blowdryer and step away from the flatiron. The best way to keep hair in top shape for summer is to leave it alone. Keep it clean and summerskin 5conditioned with sulfate-free selections by DermOrganic and SheaMoisture. For best results, wash and condition hair the night before. Part into sections and braid or twist and let dry naturally overnight. In the morning, pull down sections, use a wide tooth comb or fingers to shape (add moisturizing/styling products to taste), and let it go.

Hair accessories are your friend. Make the most of scarves, wraps, hair-friendly ties. The less you fuss with your hair, the less prone it is to damage and  breakage. Plus, it’s too hot for a blowout that’ll last until you break your first sweat. And really, who needs the frizz?


If you can swing it, start the season with a good facial. If not, break out the Clarisonic and get to work. Thrice weekly exfoliation will help keep skin clean and clog-free. If you haven’t already, summerskin 7immediately get into the habit  of moisturizing and protecting your skin with type-specific care.

Topping the list: SUNSCREEN! Do we even need to say it? If you haven’t previously, amp your SPF in everything that touches your face. Invest in a good one, and make it a mandatory part of your skin care routine. We’re huge fans of Dr. Goldfaden Sun Visor. The spray formula works under or over makeup. summerskin 8It’s sheer and absorbs without any greasy residue or ashy white finish.

Stay light with makeup. We love NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 35) or By Terry CC Cellularose Treatment (no SPF) for the most natural finish. Both formulas require the smallest amount to make a major difference. The result is your skin, but better. Oily types can top these tints with Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow powders. summerskin 2They can be used alone or with foundations or tinted moisturizers to give skin a sun-kissed glow.

Keep makeup simple with cream to powder foundations that need little more than fingers to apply. Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duos multitask for eyes, cheeks and lips. One swipe offers a sheer flush, two or more packs pigment for subtle but statement-worthy makeup. Do away with raccoon eyes with a waterproof mascara. Or waterproof your personal favorite with Anastasia Lash Genius. A final coat over your mascara seals it and keeps it from smudging or flaking off.


Like the face, the best way to bring out the best in your skin is with a treatment. We recommend a good scrubbing. Start with a dry brush before a bath or shower, and summerskin1polish skin to perfection with a gentle moisturizing scrub. We’re huge fans of Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub. The combination of ground coffee, sugar and jojoba oil is designed to remove dead skin cells and nourish newly revealed skin in a single action. For best results, use it at night and seal in hydration with a super rich moisturizer like Habibi Organic Essential Body Balm.

Don’t neglect your feet. Even if a regular pedicure isn’t in the budget, keep heels buffed and toenails clipped (and cuticles neat). A little maintenance goes a long way to get you summer ready from top to bottom.

She SAID: Co-Wash Goes Commercial

Shahada Karim

Look up ‘co-wash’ on Youtube, and you’ll find thousands of videos dedicated to the subject. The act of washing your hair with conditioner (to retain moisture) is a common practice among those interestedunwash4 in preserving the natural texture and curl pattern of their hair. There have been some attempts to take the practice mainstream… most notably by Wen, but even a slew of celebrity endorsements, infomercials, and an independent salon haven’t really translated in to household recognition and usage.

Plus, there’s a lovely little side-effect of co-washing that seems rarely shared: if you’re going to wash your hair with conditioner, you have to clarify once in a while. Otherwise you eventually end up with a mushy, stinky mess. And funky hair is no fun for anyone.

Enter Unwash, a product line designed to de-mystify the practice of co-washing, and share the benefits of clarifying between washes. The cozy collection offers only three products: A Cleansing Conditioner, A Hydratunwash1ing Mask, and a Clarifying shampoo for those in-between times.

Unwash touts itself as a more ‘civilized’ way to clean and care for hair. The potentially inflammatory choice of words are likely little more than a marketing ploy, since the reality looks more like a sulfate-free creamy cleanser, a standard clarifying shampoo, and a conditioner that goes on thick and full of promise… but rinses a little too clean to qualify for ‘masque’ status.

Most of the ingredients are standard enough. The company goes out of its way to break down every major ingredient in the products. What we found is that there is no magic formula (see Phylia de M) to getting clean and conditoned hair.

One of the most attractive features of the Unwash line is the price point. It hovers firmly in mid range, making it more likely to appeal to textured types of all ages and tax brackets. It’s also fairly easy to use. The lack of extra ‘hair helpers’ makes this line a better choice for low-maintenance wash n’ go types.

It’s also pretty easy to find. We were disappointed to learn that you cannot purchase the products through the website, but there are dozens of locations throughout the United States, according to a handy map on the company site.

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