He SAID: Dare/Punish/Electrify

Christopher M. Enis

Daredevil Season 2 hit Netflix with all the fanfare worthy of a superhero comic. But to be honest, even with the appearance of two new major characters, I wasn’t that jazzed about it. I honestly thought that it wouldn’t reach beyond the classic adventures of Matt Murdock: Blind Lawyer by day and Vigilante by night.

Turns out I was wrong.

Season 2 might just be better than Season 1, and that’s saying something.

The new season starts with Murdock (Charlie Cox) moving forward, after taking down crime kingpin Wilson Fisk. Business is booming at the law firm he shares with partner Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and assistant Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll). There are plenty of clients, but none of them are able to pay in actual money. But a client in need is a client indeed, so no one is turned away. Alter ego Daredevil is just as generous, going out of his way to protect his residential Hell’s Kitchen.

But his efforts are not enough to satisfy the man we come to know as The Punisher, who takes things a step further. Where Daredevil works to disable wrong doers, The Punishimages-2er goes out of his way to specifically target and kill all known gang members and associates.

The Punisher is Frank Castle, a man brilliantly brought to life by Jon Bernthal. He is unapologetic, unyielding, and brutally thorough in his one-man mission against crime. When he finally comes face to face with Daredevil, the confrontation leaves the latter shaken to the core with the recognition of Castle’s determination.

If that’s not enough to grab you, our hero’s story is further complicated with a gorgeous blast from the past in the form of ninja-trained assassin (and former love ELECKTRAinterest) Elecktra Nachios (Elodie Young). She commands the screen from the moment she shows up, and performs so well that we’ve nearly forgotten that horrible movie starring Ben Affleck and his ex-wife.

There is a lot going on in Season 2, but it never feels overloaded. Everything that made season 1 great is expanded and easily lays the groundwork for the next great chapter in this series. It’s not a stretch to say that Daredevil’s second season is the best superhero event of 2016 (fans of the big DC debacle will disagree, but the thinking among us know better… much better).

RATING: Catch it on Netflix and consider it Must See TV.