We SAID: Spring Detox

Staff Writer

Spring has sprung and we’re all busy cleaning up homes, phones, and emails (no really, there’s an app for that), but what about bodies? Beyond getting ready for summer with a renewed fervor for the local gym, some of us are headed back to the sauna for a good old fashioned detox.


Note that all saunas are not created equal. There’s a difference between heating coils in the corner of a wooden box, and being completely surrounded by infrared heating panels. Enter Sweatheory in Hollywood. If the surroundings look familiar, it’s because they are. Formerly Sweat Shop LA… then Cedarhouse… Sweatheory is the latest (and perhaps final) incarnation of this urban day-spa. It’s been through one heck of an upgrade, with an expanded retail space and even an infrared yoga studio.

What’s special about this place is the manner in which you can customize your sweat, at a very attractive price point. The rooms are private (and yours for up to an hour), and contain a sauna, shower and a full length mirror (for post-sweat selfies). There are towels and toiletries and even a fluffy bathrobe to complete the urban spa experience. Your base experience will run about $35. You can sweat alone, or with a friend (some saunas are large enough for two people) and add all manner of cayenne, minerals, and even music to your sweat experience.

And once you’re done, it’s just a few steps next door to Life Food Organic, which serves everything from fresh made salads to customized smoothies and desserts. In between sips of organic wheatgrass and ginger shots, there are shelves of supplements and bath & body products designed to keep you detoxed and in ship shape between sweat appointments.

We recommend making an appointment for Sweatheory, as most customers have preferred times and even saunas for their detox pleasure. With spring in full bloom, now is as good a time as any to get your sweat on.


We SAID: Skin & Sea Buckthorn

Staff Writer

Sea Buckthorn may be among the most un-celebrated skin care gems around. While many brands are touting the effects of some rare plant or weed that no one has ever heard of, Sea Buckthorn has been quietly soothing irritated skin, calming acne and healing dry and cracked skin for less than the cost of your average over-the-counter face cream.


The leaves, flowers, and even the fruit can be used. Chock full of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and a ton of antioxidants, some practitioners even use  it to treat arthritis, improve blood pressure, and control blood pressure diseases.

Some skin care manufacturers have wised up about this fairly inexpensive but highly effective plant; Fresh might be the most poplar with its Sea Berry Face Oil. Be prepared to pay for it though. Three fairly inexpensive oils make up the formula, but that didn’t stop Fresh from packing it into a dropper bosea buckthornttle containing less than 2oz of product an charging $52 for it.

The purest concentration may come courtesy of Russian brand Natura Siberica. Made of 100% Organic Sea Buckthorn, the multi-purpose oil can be used on scalp and skin from head to toe… at half the price to boot. Be warned: because of the concentrated nature, the oil is a dark orange and will tint anything it touches. It can easily be washed away with a mild cleanser and warm water, but if you’re not a fan of orange skin you might want to dilute it before use. The oil’s ‘dry’ nature means it can be mixed with a number of products, including foundations and serums. If you’re marginally schooled on color theory, you can even ‘warm’ an ashy product with a few drops.

If you’re impressed with Sea Buckthorn, you should be. The fruit can even be used to make jellies, juices, purees, and sauces. Ingesting it will reportedly help with digestive issues, internal inflammation and chronic joint pain. Talk about feeling good from the inside out… whether you take it in or slap it on, Sea Buckthorn is a valuable addition to just about any lifestyle.

We SAID: Wear Your Veggies

Staff Writer

Good news for the average person who hates eating vegetables (yes, they do still exist): you might be able to ‘wear’ them instead. No, we don’t promise the same nutritional value, but it’s an idea that’s picking up steam nonetheless. The good news is, there are plenty of products that allow you to do just that. The better news is, these products harness the wear20your20veggies202_zpsnv29fgwvpower of naturally grown plants and veggies and actually work to clear and balance a wide range of skin types.

CLEAN SLATE: Glycelene Cucucmber Cleansing Water might just be the most natural gentle cleanser on the market. Packed with the power of cucumbers, this water based formula removes all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and grime. It will even tackle heavy hitters like waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and most transfer-proof lip cremes.. What makes this product truly remarkable is that it manages to do all that without using harsh chemicals or synthetic additives. It’s also so gentle that it won’t send you screaming for the hills if you happen to get a bit in your eyes.

PRESSED PERFECTION: Some of the most innovative beauty products continue to pour in from Korea, and Blithe’s Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum is no exception. It is made mostly of wear20your20veggies201_zpsk2athu2athe chaga mushroom, harvested … you guessed it… in the tundras (although this product doesn’t specify exactly which tundra the mushrooms came from). The brown, jelly-like product might initially be a turnoff, but after using it it’s easy to see why it’s become such a cult favorite. The light serum formula works on just about any skin type and easily melts into the skin to leave a smooth finish. It also plays well with others. It can be layered between thinner serums and heavier moisturizers, or mixed with other moisturizers as an added boost.

POWER PLAY: Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence is another Korean import, and continues wear20your20veggies_zpszyzsvz8dthe tradition of mixing or adding essences to a daily skin care routine. It contains 60% artichoke extract, and is meant to help tighten the appearance of pores. While any esthetician will tell you that you can’t technically shrink pores, you can work to make them appear smaller and smooth out the surface of the skin. This formula is also ‘waterless’ and instead uses squalane to bring all of its ingredients together. The only down side might be the execution. The formula comes in a dropper style bottle, which would be great if the product contained a truly liquid ingredient (water) to help dispense it properly. Unfortunately, this behaves more like a thick lotion, so it takes some effort to get the product out of the bottle and into your hands.

Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. So even if you don’t like eating your veggies, you can take some comfort in knowing that at least you’re absorbing them instead of their chemical counterparts.

We SAID: Wedding Fresh

Staff Writer

The Summer Wedding Season is upon us. But great skin isn’t just for blushing brides. Even if you are always, always, always a bridesmaid… there’s no better time to reveal fresh skin that makes you truly shine beyond the big day. As we lift away the layers of heavy makeup, wedding fresh 1contour and highlight in the hottest months of the year, it’s more important than ever to place more emphasis on great skin by way of great skin care.

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder works both as a cleanser and an exfoliator by foaming up to lather away dirt and impurities and gently exfoliating dead skin cells. The secret is papaya enzymes, which is proven to wedding fresh 2chemically break up the proteins that bind dead skin cells to help you wash them away. The result is clean, soft skin that doesn’t immediately dry out after you pat dry.

Fresh Black Tea Mask continues to make the list as one of the best ‘quick fix’ masks on the market. The cooling formula goes on like a cream and doesn’t dry out. Leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse to reveal plump fresh skin. The cooling sensation lingers after the rinse, so we’ll just call wedding fresh 3that a bonus.

Spritz a little  Santa Maria Novella Aqua di Rose  on your freshly cleaned skin to give it and you an Old World aromatherapy boost. The age old rosewater formula hydrates and soothes, and the smell is simply out of this world. wedding fresh 4Forget any reservations about cheap perfume additives; this smells like a bouquet of fresh cut roses on a warm Spring day.

Finish it all with a calming swipe of LJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream. The soothing gel formula works both as a regular moisturizer or an overnight mask (for those nights when irritated skin simply refuses to calm down). With curious ingredients like Mistletoe and Glacier extract, it works to soothe skin and keep it hydrated without going greasy or drying out.


Making Resolutions vs. Making Space

Shahada Karim

It’s that time of year, when the gyms look less like a place to wgym memeork out and more like a stadium on Superbowl Sunday. Millions of people will pack into fitness centers, gyms and yoga studios across the country in hopes of fulfilling that age-old resolution to lose weight. Millions more will make impractical plans to save money to the detriment of their daily lives and happiness. And so it goes.

The start of the year means a start to a renewed effort to promise to do all the things that we think will make us better, and (more interestingly) make people perceive us as better… thinner… more healthy, ect. If millions of people make resolutions every year, millions more make the same resolutions they did the year before and the year before that with the hopes that this time, maybe it’ll be different.

Be reminded of the popular definition of insanity.

There is a reason that resolutions don’t typically work. Often, resolutions are massive wishes without a practical plan to achieve them. And sometimes, resolutions are simply clutter. If you think of each resolution as a box in a room… the more you make, the more space it takes up. And the more years you make the same resolution, the longer that box sits in that place taking up space and gathering dust and serving no purpose other than to remind you of the thing you have not done yet.

The other edge to that blade is that sometimes resolutions can become crutches. If you make the same resolutions, they may prevent you from moving ahead until you feel you’ve achieved them first. For example, maybe you can’t vacation somewhere tropical because you can’t wear a bikini because you haven’t fulfilled the resolution to lose weight. How much are your resolutions holding you back from growing and experiencing new things? If you’re hanging onto a resolution it might be time to ask yourself why, and maybe have the courage to let it go.

Instead of making resolutions, I propose making space. Instead of cluttering the room with more boxes and rearranging existing boxes, work to clear them away. Clearance does not mean giving up; instead it asks you to humble yourself to the idea of opening up to another way. Think about it: can you clearly think in a cluttered room? Can you find pleasure in getting dressed from an overcrowded and cluttered closet?

It is through making space that we find new pathways and see more clearly ahead to an idea that might not have occurred to us otherwise. And as you make space, use it to outline specific plans and make small achievable goals. Accomplishing a small goal gives us a sense of accomplishment andmoney helps us to reach higher and further to the next goal. If the resolution is losing weight, maybe the goal is going to the gym once a week for two weeks, then twice a week for two weeks, then three times… and so on. If the resolution is saving money, maybe the goal is $10 in an automatically debited savings plan every week for one month, then $25, then $50 and so on. Consistency builds habits, and habits lead to lifestyle changes that last longer than any resolution ever has.

Resolutions are not necessarily bad things. But if you find yourself making more resolutions than achieving them, it may be time to try making space instead.

She SAID: Travel Light

Terri Kennerson

‘Tis the season to hop on the first thing smokin’ and head to friends, family or wherever else for the Holidays. Once upon a time, it was chic to shove an entire home into as many suitcases as possible. Fortunately,holiday travel those days are long gone. The more one travels, the more necessary it becomes to pack light, multitask, and eliminate anything that doesn’t serve a specific purpose. The ultimate goal might actually be to fit everything into a carry-on, no matter how long the stay away from home.

The Rose Cleansing Stick from SUM:37 might be the most convenient cleanser we’ve ever used. With 90% natural ingredients, including fermented damask rose, this formula manages hydrate and smooth skin even as it removes dirt and oil. And because it comes in its own built-in case, there’s no messy residue to deal with from traditional bars, or spillage with liquid cleansers.

This Laundry Bag from The Container Store does holiday travel 2a stylish job of separating your dirty clothes on the road. Even with laundry services at hotels (and the washer/dryer at a relative’s house), it’s nice to have the holiday travel 3option to stack your laundry before you have to actually address it.

If we’re being completely honest, of the hardest things to do while on the road is to stay in shape. We promise to go to the local/hotel gym, maybe do a little yoga… but in our heart of hearts we know it’s all smoke. Add to that the inclination to eat everything in sight and the result is almost always unwanted pounds by the time we touch down at home. Commit to a couple of minutes with a TRX resistance cord, which will both lengthen and strengthen muscles. No gym membership required.