She SAID: Fall Foundation

Shahada Karim

Seasons change, and so do our skin’s needs. That’s true with skin care, and that’s certainly true with makeup. We continue the trend of clean polished skin (versus heavily contoured or powdered finishes) as we head into the cooler months and carry through to Holiday 2016.

If you’re not worried about your actual skin showing through, MAC Face & Body continues to rule the roost with the most natural finish for a sheer foundation. The formula binds to the skin and stays put until you take it off. It’s also compatible with a wide range of skin types, from oily to dry and even mature. Even the newest offering from Make Up For Ever doesn’t hold a candle to this tried and true formulation. The packaging isn’t fussy or fabulous (it was originally designed with pros in mind) but the formulation definitely gets the job done.

Elcie Micro Silque Foundation stands firm for one of the best ‘skin’ like finishes with medium to full coverage. Applied with fingers or the highly favored BeautyBlender, the finish is both posh and polished, and has become a cult favorite among both professional makeup artists and consumers in search of a strong foundation off the beaten makeup path.

Chantecaille Future Skin is another tried and true formula that has yet to let us down. The oil-free gel formula has enough coverage to address issues like acne and hyper-pigmentation, and is also friendly to a wide range of skin types. The shade range is also impressive, with distinct neutral and yellow undertones. The only complaint about this foundation is the packaging. It comes in a pot, with no consideration for sanitation or general handling. The formula is dense, but pliant enough to be dispensed through a pump or even a tube.

Chantecaille, consider this a firm suggestion.


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