He SAID: Stroking Seth’s Sausage

Scott F. Evans

If you are easily offended by, well, anything, Sausage Party probably isn’t the movie for you. The R- rated, 3D animated film is equal parts racist, sexist, violent and juvenile. It’s also thought provoking and keenly hilarious. The film’s main cast are all anthropomorphic food items so it also works as an adults-only spoof of Pixar movies.

sausage party 1

Directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, Sausage Party looks and sounds almost exactly like a big budget Pixar or Dreamworks animated film, even down to the celebrity voice work. But that’s where the similarities end because from practically the opening frame, this cartoon is not for kids. The screenwriting team of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter pen a script that’s both a nonstop smorgasbord of sex and drugs gags and a sharp critique of modern organized religion. It cynically skewers our various faiths and examines how these philosophies only serve to divide and limit us as a species.

sausage party 4

The cast boasts almost every A-List comic actor working today and every one of them turn in top notch, if typical, work. Rogen and Kristin Wiig voice the lead characters Frank, a hot dog (get it?) and Brenda, a bun. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera play Frank’s hot dog buddies Barry and Carl. James Franco cameos as a human junkie experimenting with bath salts. Ed Norton, does a spot on Woody Allen impersonation as a bagel named Sammy. Craig Robinson plays a box of grits named, you guessed it, Mr. Grits and Bill Hader voices a bottle of liquor called Firewater. And yes, he gives the bottle a stereotypical Indian speech pattern. Like I said, this thing is aggressively un-pc.

sausage party 2

I’ll keep this review short. While I recommend seeing it (even if you decide to wait for the home video release), this movie is definitely not for everyone. You have to be both thick-skinned and tolerant to really get into Sausage Party. And while the message it’s trying impart has merit, it can also be a tough sit for the sensitive.

RATING: Theater


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