She SAID: Pleased to Meet You

Shahada Karim

The PHAMExpo wrapped in Pasadena over the weekend after 2 days of pageantry, product launches, and people watching. Because of the professional nature of the convention, attendees get first crack at new beauty brands (and enjoy deep discounts off old favorites). Several young companies really stood out for 2016 with high marks for care, quality, and customer service.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Miss Casanova’s Dirty Little Secret is no exception. Professional Makeup Artist Edica Casanovapleased to meet you got tired of packing a ton of brushes for a single shoot, to make sure she had a clean one on hand. Cleaning between uses often leaves the too damp to use right away, and wet brushes can damage product. So in 2015, Edica designed and released a brush cleaner that works fast for quick color changes, at a price point that will make any pro happy and willing to stock up.

Marlena of Makeup Geek is proof that social media can pleased to meet you 1work, if you know how to work it. She took to Youtube nearly a decade ago to share makeup tips and tricks. But she upgraded her platform to include personal struggles with image, weight, surgery and perceptions of beauty. Her open attitude garnered a huge following, and when her brand Makeup Geek was formed, fans were only too happy to support. That support was evident at PHAMExpo, pleased to meet you 2where fans lined up for pictures, to share stories, and get their hands on the latest offerings from the brand, including new reformulated blushes.

Crimes of Beauty wants you to say it with your chest. Featuring apparel and accessories for the professional and the makeup enthusiast, the brand has carved out a cheeky little niche for those unafraid to declare their love for all things makeup and hair. CEO Whitney Bansin says the brand is a stickler for quality, and it shows. The shirts are durable and easy to clean, and some are 100% modal for comfort and a flattering fit. Tights are on the horizon; Bansin says the company is working to find the perfect balance between high quality and a reasonable price point.


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