We SAID: Wear Your Veggies

Staff Writer

Good news for the average person who hates eating vegetables (yes, they do still exist): you might be able to ‘wear’ them instead. No, we don’t promise the same nutritional value, but it’s an idea that’s picking up steam nonetheless. The good news is, there are plenty of products that allow you to do just that. The better news is, these products harness the wear20your20veggies202_zpsnv29fgwvpower of naturally grown plants and veggies and actually work to clear and balance a wide range of skin types.

CLEAN SLATE: Glycelene Cucucmber Cleansing Water might just be the most natural gentle cleanser on the market. Packed with the power of cucumbers, this water based formula removes all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and grime. It will even tackle heavy hitters like waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and most transfer-proof lip cremes.. What makes this product truly remarkable is that it manages to do all that without using harsh chemicals or synthetic additives. It’s also so gentle that it won’t send you screaming for the hills if you happen to get a bit in your eyes.

PRESSED PERFECTION: Some of the most innovative beauty products continue to pour in from Korea, and Blithe’s Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum is no exception. It is made mostly of wear20your20veggies201_zpsk2athu2athe chaga mushroom, harvested … you guessed it… in the tundras (although this product doesn’t specify exactly which tundra the mushrooms came from). The brown, jelly-like product might initially be a turnoff, but after using it it’s easy to see why it’s become such a cult favorite. The light serum formula works on just about any skin type and easily melts into the skin to leave a smooth finish. It also plays well with others. It can be layered between thinner serums and heavier moisturizers, or mixed with other moisturizers as an added boost.

POWER PLAY: Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence is another Korean import, and continues wear20your20veggies_zpszyzsvz8dthe tradition of mixing or adding essences to a daily skin care routine. It contains 60% artichoke extract, and is meant to help tighten the appearance of pores. While any esthetician will tell you that you can’t technically shrink pores, you can work to make them appear smaller and smooth out the surface of the skin. This formula is also ‘waterless’ and instead uses squalane to bring all of its ingredients together. The only down side might be the execution. The formula comes in a dropper style bottle, which would be great if the product contained a truly liquid ingredient (water) to help dispense it properly. Unfortunately, this behaves more like a thick lotion, so it takes some effort to get the product out of the bottle and into your hands.

Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. So even if you don’t like eating your veggies, you can take some comfort in knowing that at least you’re absorbing them instead of their chemical counterparts.


We SAID: OCC Summer Capsule

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics salutes the Summer with a capsule collection worthy of the season. The cozy ensemble features Lip Tar, Nail Polish, and Lip Pencil in three bestselling colors, including the covet worthy neon-fuchsia shade of Anime.

occ summer capsule

The capsule collection launched today…

Get it while it’s hot!

He SAID: The (CG) Art of War(craft)

Scott F. Evans

The good news is that Warcraft – the Duncan Jones helmed adaptation of the massively popular video game – isn’t a complete train-wreck.  The bad news is that if you’re not a fan of the game, the movie is nearly impenetrable.  It’s so fan-centric that it almost repels casual viewers.  Jones and screenwriter Charles Leavitt play hard to the base and expect the rest of us to play catch up.

Or not.

warcraft 1

The problem with Warcraft is that we’ve seen all of this before.  We’ve seen the knights and the magic and the computer generated creatures.  We’ve been watching this movie since Peter Jackson kicked off his Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Trilogies way back in 2001.  Game of Thrones has been doing it every week since it debuted in 2011.  The only thing that Jones has done differently is give equal screen time to his lumbering Orc protagonists.  That’s fine, but after we get finished marveling at the insane amount of work the FX team did to bring these characters to life, we still have to suffer through a stale predictable script. There’s not an original moment or fresh take in Warcraft’s entire two hour run-time.  Even the sympathetic non-human story-line has been done (better) with the revamped Planet of the Apes franchise.

warcraft 4

As hard as most of the cast tries, they can’t elevate this hilariously somber script.  There are a few moments of forced levity (which this film desperately needs) but they’re mostly at the expense of one character. The rest of the cast play this like Warcraft is a piece of high-minded theater.  Maybe to hardcore fans of the game, it is.

warcraft 3

As this film preaches to its already converted masses, the rest of us remain disconnected.  Warcraft is not a good film. It’s indulgent, banal and more than a little impressed with itself. But it’s not a terrible film either. It’s just so laser focused on satisfying its gamer audience that it forgot to entertain the rest of us as well.

RATING: Wait for it to hit home video.  Maybe.

She SAID: Pleased to Meet You

Shahada Karim

The PHAMExpo wrapped in Pasadena over the weekend after 2 days of pageantry, product launches, and people watching. Because of the professional nature of the convention, attendees get first crack at new beauty brands (and enjoy deep discounts off old favorites). Several young companies really stood out for 2016 with high marks for care, quality, and customer service.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Miss Casanova’s Dirty Little Secret is no exception. Professional Makeup Artist Edica Casanovapleased to meet you got tired of packing a ton of brushes for a single shoot, to make sure she had a clean one on hand. Cleaning between uses often leaves the too damp to use right away, and wet brushes can damage product. So in 2015, Edica designed and released a brush cleaner that works fast for quick color changes, at a price point that will make any pro happy and willing to stock up.

Marlena of Makeup Geek is proof that social media can pleased to meet you 1work, if you know how to work it. She took to Youtube nearly a decade ago to share makeup tips and tricks. But she upgraded her platform to include personal struggles with image, weight, surgery and perceptions of beauty. Her open attitude garnered a huge following, and when her brand Makeup Geek was formed, fans were only too happy to support. That support was evident at PHAMExpo, pleased to meet you 2where fans lined up for pictures, to share stories, and get their hands on the latest offerings from the brand, including new reformulated blushes.

Crimes of Beauty wants you to say it with your chest. Featuring apparel and accessories for the professional and the makeup enthusiast, the brand has carved out a cheeky little niche for those unafraid to declare their love for all things makeup and hair. CEO Whitney Bansin says the brand is a stickler for quality, and it shows. The shirts are durable and easy to clean, and some are 100% modal for comfort and a flattering fit. Tights are on the horizon; Bansin says the company is working to find the perfect balance between high quality and a reasonable price point.

We SAID: Wedding Fresh

Staff Writer

The Summer Wedding Season is upon us. But great skin isn’t just for blushing brides. Even if you are always, always, always a bridesmaid… there’s no better time to reveal fresh skin that makes you truly shine beyond the big day. As we lift away the layers of heavy makeup, wedding fresh 1contour and highlight in the hottest months of the year, it’s more important than ever to place more emphasis on great skin by way of great skin care.

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder works both as a cleanser and an exfoliator by foaming up to lather away dirt and impurities and gently exfoliating dead skin cells. The secret is papaya enzymes, which is proven to wedding fresh 2chemically break up the proteins that bind dead skin cells to help you wash them away. The result is clean, soft skin that doesn’t immediately dry out after you pat dry.

Fresh Black Tea Mask continues to make the list as one of the best ‘quick fix’ masks on the market. The cooling formula goes on like a cream and doesn’t dry out. Leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse to reveal plump fresh skin. The cooling sensation lingers after the rinse, so we’ll just call wedding fresh 3that a bonus.

Spritz a little  Santa Maria Novella Aqua di Rose  on your freshly cleaned skin to give it and you an Old World aromatherapy boost. The age old rosewater formula hydrates and soothes, and the smell is simply out of this world. wedding fresh 4Forget any reservations about cheap perfume additives; this smells like a bouquet of fresh cut roses on a warm Spring day.

Finish it all with a calming swipe of LJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream. The soothing gel formula works both as a regular moisturizer or an overnight mask (for those nights when irritated skin simply refuses to calm down). With curious ingredients like Mistletoe and Glacier extract, it works to soothe skin and keep it hydrated without going greasy or drying out.