She SAID: Haute for Star Wars

Shahada Karim

Chanel Haute Couture is making a statement for Spring and Summer that is literally out of this world. Channeling hair and makeup from a galaxy far far away, models for the brand’s latest show looked every bit the intergalactic socialite. chanelhaute

The hair was severely parted down the center, and then rolled up and over along the nape and both sides of the neck. But from the front, the style was a dead ringer for the proverbialchanel haute 1 Princess Leia, circa 1977.

And if ever you doubted the iconic movie’s influence, the makeup followed suit. Models sported severe black lines above and below their eyes, as the only haute marks on an otherwise neutralized face.

The message for the entire show was decidedly zen; it took place in a massive zen garden space with wooden and grassy accents. Decorations on the clothing followed suit (wood chips can be found in the beading). And despite calls for an eco-concious show that highlighted all that is nurturing and kind of our Earth, the influential markings of an imagination beyond our atmosphere were definitely present.

The neutralized elegance for Spring/Summer fashion is a welcome change from the typical chiffons, florals, pastels and the like. And even without the severe lines across the eyes, the makeup can easily be taken from runway to reality with a flick of a liner pen, a flush of cream color on the cheeks, and a flesh colored lip balm.


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