We SAID: Smells like History

Staff Writer

We’ve all caught a whiff of … something… that’s transported us back to a particular time (hopefully pleasant) in our past. Scent is inexplicably tied to memory; some more significant than others. The same is true for music ( you know that song that reminds you of that time). The folks at Histoires de Parfums have capitalized on this notion with a remarkable collection of perfumes that celebrate significant moments in music history.


From 1821 to 1936, each perfume in the Opera Collection comes encased in a music box, to pay homage to the title roles of five great spectacles. The scents evoke a certain feeling for the wearer, like the forbidden sensuality of Carmen or the delicate innocence of Madame Butterfly.

The Opera Collection is the extravagant branch of the brand’s regular line. Now easily accessible online at Sephora, the standard lineup features fragrances that pay homage to historic figures like the Marquis de Sade and Mata Hari. If you’re not up for a scent or history lesson, there’s Noir Patchouli: a sensuous blend that gives its counterparts a serious run for their money. And the best of the bunch may be Ambre 114, which contains the same number of ingredients all centered around the aroma of amber.

Some of the fragrances are distinctly masculine or feminine in the traditional sense, but most of them can easily be experienced across the board. And they can also be layered to create a distinct fragrance so you can make a little history of your own.



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