She SAID: Travel Light

Terri Kennerson

‘Tis the season to hop on the first thing smokin’ and head to friends, family or wherever else for the Holidays. Once upon a time, it was chic to shove an entire home into as many suitcases as possible. Fortunately,holiday travel those days are long gone. The more one travels, the more necessary it becomes to pack light, multitask, and eliminate anything that doesn’t serve a specific purpose. The ultimate goal might actually be to fit everything into a carry-on, no matter how long the stay away from home.

The Rose Cleansing Stick from SUM:37 might be the most convenient cleanser we’ve ever used. With 90% natural ingredients, including fermented damask rose, this formula manages hydrate and smooth skin even as it removes dirt and oil. And because it comes in its own built-in case, there’s no messy residue to deal with from traditional bars, or spillage with liquid cleansers.

This Laundry Bag from The Container Store does holiday travel 2a stylish job of separating your dirty clothes on the road. Even with laundry services at hotels (and the washer/dryer at a relative’s house), it’s nice to have the holiday travel 3option to stack your laundry before you have to actually address it.

If we’re being completely honest, of the hardest things to do while on the road is to stay in shape. We promise to go to the local/hotel gym, maybe do a little yoga… but in our heart of hearts we know it’s all smoke. Add to that the inclination to eat everything in sight and the result is almost always unwanted pounds by the time we touch down at home. Commit to a couple of minutes with a TRX resistance cord, which will both lengthen and strengthen muscles. No gym membership required.


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