We SAID: Autumn Adjustments

Staff Writer

Many of us are subconciously gearing up for hibernation mode; the Holiday Season is kind of here (the shopping season is already in full swing for millions of Americans) and that means a nearly guaranteed 15-20 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even the best laid workout plans tend to take a back seat to planning for friends, family and Holiday faire. Before you know it, you can no longer blame too-tight jeans on a marathon session in the dryer.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the most common causes for workout setbacks is the failure to adjust for thautumnworkout3e season. The way you worked out in the Spring and Summer months might not translate to Autumn and Winter. Long outdoor runs or cycling sessions can be uncomfortable, if not downright hazardous in cold and wet weather. Weekend workouts in the park obviously won’t have the same appeal.

Adjust Your Scenery

If you normally workout outdoors, consider taking the routine inside for the season. If the general atmosphere of your local gym doesn’t appeal to you, consider specialized studios for Spin, Crossfit, Dance, Martial Arts or Yoga. Switching up will not only keep you interested and potentially consistent in your workout goals, it will open you up to new possibilities, people, and opportunities to expand your physical and mental capacity. Plus, Cupid might be hanging around to set you up with a special blessing. We know a guy who first went to  yoga to pick up spiritually open, physically fit women (we’re not saying his initial intentions were noble. But hey, people can change). He’s now married, two kids, and living his best life with the coolest yoga teacher you ever did meet. Just saying.

Adjust Your Diet

We know… so much easier said than done. But mindfully shifting toward a diet better suited for colder months will help keep you on track in terms of health and wellness. Heat-bearing foods like Walnuts and Nutmeg can go a long way to helping you maintain a cozy feeling of fullness without overdoing it. Cut back on ‘spike-worthy’ ingredients like processed sugars that can send your energy through the roof, and bring you crashing down. A dash of cayenne in dishes things like spaghetti (with ground turkey and gluten free pasta) can help you burn a couple of extra calories without your taste buds ever figuring out the difference.autumnworkout2

Adjust Your Attitude

Becoming aware of the changes outside your window, can help you adjust to the changes inside your body. Make a list or keep a journal, and refer to it each day to keep your diet and exercise routine on track. A physical account keeps you honest about everything you eat and do, including that quick bite of a cookie or walking out on the second  half of a strenuous group exercise class. Keeping track of what you eat, and when and how you work out can go a long way to avoiding unwanted Holiday pounds… and the perpetual need for a ‘weight loss’ resolution come the New Year.


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