She SAID: Eyes, Lips, Face

Shahada Karim

These days, we have a distinct need to ‘de-clutter’ our surroundings. For makeup, that means no little pans of single eyeshadows, blushes and the like. The truth is, those individual pots end up getting buried in whatever bag or kit they happen to fall into, only to be rediscovered well past their expiration date. These days, we’re all about the multitasking palette.

COVER FX Contour Palette

When Cover FX came out with their contour palette, the first thing we wanted to know was if we multitask3could cheat by using it for foundation. Answer: YES. Each palette features four shades (one of which is bound to match your exact skin color) for purposes of highlighting and contouring. You can use fingers (please sanitize between uses) or a brush (beware of hairs getting stuck in the cream formula) or a sponge.

SEPHORA Ombre Obsession Eyeshadow Palette

Always on the quest to solidify the company name, Sephora’s latest makeup release includes multitaska palette of ombre eyeshadows that can be mixed and matched to one’s heart’s desire. We recommend a smaller brush to pick up individual color… otherwise you  might end up with an unexpected color combination. The good news is, this palette is great in a pinch; a few swipes of color and you can head out the door in record time, without worrying about coordinating colors and finishes (because they’re all in the same place. Yay!).

TARTE Bling it On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Okay, that’s a mouthful. Tarte probably decided to do the most with that product name, to make it truly worthy of the product itself. Five full sized blushes in a single palette are multitask1nothing to sneeze at. The limited edition palette features Tarte’s five bestselling colors. The brand is known for pigmentation and long wear in the blush department, so we’d say all is mostly forgiven for that name… mostly.

BOBBI BROWN University Lip Palette

Not to be outdone, Bobbi  Brown released 10 of the original lip multitask2colors in a single palette, including two shimmer shades. The idea is that you can use them straight out of the pan, or mix the them for a bespoke shade. Bobbi Brown is predicated on the idea that there is a color to flatter every skin tone, and offers this palette as proof. At $60 (and for the moment exclusively at Sephora), it’s much cheaper than trying out each individual shade in a single bullet…

Plus, we’re so over that singular stuff.



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