We SAID: Summer’s Last Squeeze

Staff Writerwatermelon water 1

Autumn is here, even if the weather in some places has yet to get the memo. If you’re already longing for the next round of Summer goodness, you can drink in what might be the best representative of the season: WTRMLN (watermelon) WTR (water).

Not actually water at all, the 100%  juice drink is made of watermelon and lemon. That’s it. It’s sweet and tart all at once, and goes down like the virgin version of some fruity drink we tried during our last trip to the Caribbean.

Taste aside, the drink also boasts an impressive list of health benefits. Watermelon is considered a nutrient-dense food: high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants… but low in calories. Studies suggest that consuming watermelon helps decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It also helps promote a healthy complexion, healthy hair, and increases overall energy. The addition of lemon upgrades watermelon’s own Vitamin C content, which can in turn help boost the immune system.

You can find WTRMLN WTR online for the moment. Here’s hoping it’ll soon spring up at a grocery store near you.


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