HE Said: Viola for THE WIN!

Christopher M. Enis

The 67th annual Primetime Emmy’s was tearjerker!

No, not because of Andy Samburg’s hosting. To be honest, he wasn’t the worst. *I’m looking at you Anne Hathaway and James Franco*

Teary Moment #4—Tracy Morgan’s comeback.

There was a pretty good chance that Morgan would never be the same after his tragic accident last year. He showed up at the Emmy’s looking slightly nervous at first. But after a few seconds he shook off the butterflies and was the same, raunchy Morgan that we’ve all come to know and (mostly) love.

Teary Moment #3—Jon Hamm (finally) winning an Emmy

The 8th time proved to be the charm for Hamm, who finally won an Emmy for his performance as Don Draper on Mad Men. It was a case of everything lining up perfectly for Hamm… including no more competition from Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), or sentimental favorites like Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights). It also helps that it’s the last season for MAD MEN. His win was the first (last) for the series out of an astonishing 34 overall cast nominations. Now that’s enough to make you cry.

Teary Moment #2– Uzo Aduba’s Heartfelt Acceptance Speech

Last year, one of my Emmy gripes had to do with Netflix’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, a show about life in a woman’s prison, being placed in the Best Comedy category. Although the show had its funny moments, at the end of the day, I felt that there was nothing funny about being in prison. Looks like the powers that be over at Emmy’s HQ agreed and, this year, the series was placed in the Drama category. Due to the change, it gave the opportunity for Aduba, who won an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren last year, to win for the same role in the Drama category this year, a first in Emmy history. The only thing better than that, was her acceptance speech that was full blown humble and, yes, teary, man.

Teary Moment #1—Viola Davis Historic Win (and Tatiana Maslany’s “Loss”)

One of my other Emmy gripes was the flat out snubbing (is that a word?) of Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany, who I’ve spoken on before. I love her work, she is awesome and FINALLY, the Emmy people came to their senses and nominated Maslany this year!


Too bad her first year as a nominee had to coincide with Viola Davis’ tour-de-force performance as Annalise (Annie Mae) Keating on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Lord, how I wish I could say that it was a close contest between Maslany and Davis but…

I am so sorry, Tatiana, but Viola had this one in the bag right after she took off her makeup, pulled off the wig and asked her husband about some d*ck pics.

Viola’s acceptance speech for becoming the first African American to win Best Actress in a Dramatic Series was so good… she should have been given an Emmy for that too.


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