She SAID: Matte About You

Shahada Karim

As we wind down the final days of Summer, the earth gets richer… more textured. Leaves change and take on every color in the spectrum to prepare for the coming cold. Beauty trends tend to follow suit, with rich bold colors and sumptuous textures. This year, it’s all about the matte lip. The latest offerings feature wearable hues, encased in a surprisingly moisturizing matte formula. The top performers hug the lips and wear past air kisses and complicated glasses of impractical drinks, and even the occasional nosh. We stand firm on the mantra that more expensive doesn’t always mean better, but found that some of the top brands in the current beauty market don’t necessarily agree. While their performance is nearly identical, the prices run the gamut from reasonable to utterly, completely… well, we’ll just let you decide for yourself.


Call it the little company that could. Dose of colors is a west-coast based beauty brand with big doseofcolorsdreams. It’s evident in the quality of every single product. The seasonal favorite is the Liquid Matte Lipstick. The highly potent formula is one of the best we’ve tried. It’s weightless, odorless and little goes a very long way. You can even dot this formula on and blend it out. Clean it up with a little bit of lip liner and you’re good to go. Current favorites include Truffle (a cool nude brown) and Berry Me 2 (a rich berry-tinted rose). Of note: these colors can be mixed to create a bespoke shade that just might become your seasonal signature shade. Awesome? Yes. And at $18 a pop, totally doable.


Charlotte Tilbury basically went from 0-to-60 before anyone tilburymatterealized what she was actually up to. It seems like only yesterday she was busy making up the faces of some of the most recognized mugs in the world (Kate Moss to Cara Delevingne)… and then BAM! Her beauty brand launched with massive success. She seems to release a new collection of products at the pace of MAC (which might be every two weeks at this point) and keeps the beauty world breathless with anticipation through YouTube videos and a never ending stream of promotional emails. It’s working. As the world eagerly anticipates the arrival of a new foundation and under-eye highlighter, beauties everywhere are busying themselves with the new Matte Revolution Lipsticks. To say that they are worth they hype would do them a disservice; the lipsticks are truly wonderful. The formula goes on strong and stays put. You can dot it on as a stain or go full on from the bullet, with gorgeous results every time. Current favorites are Very Victoria (a rich nude) and 1975 Red (and old fashioned bright orange-based red).


He first sent the beauty world into a tizzy with the release of nail polishes that were more art than louboutinlippractical lacquer. Now the celebrated shoe designer is moving up the body, to the face. Christian Louboutin is literally expanding his empire from the bottom up, and so far each time he’s hit the mark. The new collection of lipsticks come in three formulas: Sheer, Satin, and Matte. The latter is the most noteworthy. The Velvet Matte selection is intelligently cozy; there’s just enough to choose from to toss caution to the wind and get them all (Even at $90 each)… you know, just in case. The colors cover every major hue, from bright orange, to deep violet-based burgundy. Like a proper luxury product, the insides match the outsides: encased in every keepsake ornamental bullet is a rich matte formula that feels like absolute luxury. The weightless formula wears beautifully, and can be layered for incredible staying power. Current obsessions include Djalouzi (a rich brown-based berry), and Zoulou (a rich neutral beige-brown).

The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to indulge in the current matte lip trend. Whether you spend a little or a lot, there’s plenty to choose from to project you into the next season with beautiful ease.


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