We SAID: True Grit

Staff Writer
We’re all about going the organic/natural route. But it seems like everyone else is these days too, and you know what that means: prepare to pony up your first born for the mrbeanprivilege. The more popular a trend or beauty item, the more money said thing is guaranteed to cost you. Way of the world right? Maybe not.
A small enthusiastic group from Melbourne Australia is bucking the trend with their company¬†Mr Bean. It’s a collection of simple, coffee-based body scrubs (with organic roots) for about the price of two premium cups of joe.
The blends combine ground coffee, cold-pressed coconut oil, sugars, salts, cacao and vitamin E. Despite their abrasive nature, the folks at Mr. Bean say the scrubs are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. Among the claims: the caffeine from the coffee will help stimulate blood flow and fight cell fat. And Sea salt will absorb toxins, and help clean the skin.
After about a week of use, here’s what we know for sure: We’re not any skinnier (maybe our fat cells are a bit more stubborn than everyone else’s), but our skin is definitely smoother. So kudos for a relatively inexpensive coffee scrub, that smells good and gets the job done.

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