She SAID: Makeup Makeover

Shahada Karim

Every season, the most clothes-conscious go through their drawers and closets to refresh their wardrobe and prepare for the weather change. Makeup (and skincare) are no different. A few changes in key places can help guarantee that you’ll put your best face forward for Fall.


-Your BB Cushion. If you were among the millions who lined up for this year’s offering frommakeupmakeover3 Lancome, it’s time for a new refill. Even if you’re a purist and went for brands straight from Korea (Laneige remains the most accessible and friendly to the widest range of skin tones), those anti-microbal sponges only last so long. Toss them out and start anew with a fresh compact and a clean applicator.

-Your Pressed Powder Compact.

Be honest: how often do you swirl a suspiciously unclean brush (or worse, the makeupmakeover4provided sponge) into your pressed powder and slap it on? How many times have you been mystified by a random breakout or ragged patch after you’ve removed your makeup for the day? The two might be related. If you’ve hit pan on your compact, invest in a new one. If you’ve still got plenty of product left, invest in a cosmetic cleaner (we’re huge fans of Beauty So Clean) that is friendly to powder products. Then toss the provided sponge and clean your brushes.


-Your Primers. Unless you’ve been using them faithfully all Summer (in which case they should nearly be gone anyway), it might be time to get a fresh blend. Primers are the first makeupmakeover5thing that adheres to your skin, so it’s best to ensure the formula hasn’t separated or gone rank in the summer heat. If you’ve been super diligent about keeping them in a cool, dry place, disregard. Otherwise, take the time to get a new (and more seasonally appropriate) primer. We remain obsessed with Too Faced Hangover Primer. The small container ensures we’ll use every drop, and it’s moisturizing enough to carry into the cooler months beautifully and effortlessly.

-Your Mascaras. Just do it. Mascaras should be traded out every 3-6 months anyway. All thmakeupmakeover6at dipping (and double dipping) pushes air into the container, which dries out the formula. And we won’t even get into the bacteria issue. If you had a favorite Summer mascara, your time is up. Get a new tube. Your eyes will thank you.


-Your Eyeshadows and Blushes. Every season, companies release new collections that often look like recycled versions of seasonal collections past. Powder products like eyeshadows and makeupmakeover2blushes will last for a ridiculous amount of time, so now is a good time to dig through some of your old favorites from collections past, and determine what works for the near future. Refresh them with a spritz of beauty cleaner, and you’re good to go.


-The Next. Christian Louboutin released a collection of lipsticks that look more like jewelry than makeup, and it’s probably a good idea to find your perfect shade, and acquire accordingly. Also in the lipstick category, new Matte Revolution Lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury. With both, we don’t suggest more than a couple of favorite colors; these are still cream products and more likely to turn before you use them up.



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