We SAID: Best Foot Forward

Staff Writer

‘Tis the season to kick off anything with a closed toe and let your feet come out and breathe. Before you panic at the state of your feet (sans pedicure since 2014… you know who you are), take foot3heart. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, you’ve got enough time to put your best foot forward this summer.

This routine works best at night to give everything a chance to work its magic, but with a few modifications you can do it anytime.

Schedule a few more minutes in the shower, grab a Diamancel Diamond Foot Buffer and get to work. The rubber handle makes it easy to hold onto and manipulate under water. The diamond pattern means you can buff it any which way, and you’ll still end up with smooth heels and toes. This buffer is washable and reusable, so can use it early and often to keep your feet in top shape.

Follow up with L’Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub. Forget about the hands part and foot1just use it on your feet. Your new skin will drink up the sugar and oil combination and immediately soften. Make this the last step before you get out of the shower (so you don’t slip). Apply, rub in circular motions (don’t forget the cuticles), and rinse. Step (carefully) out of the shower and immediately follow up with a strong moisturizer. Our favorite oldie but goodie is Burt’s Bees Hand Salve (R.I.P Dude). Again, forget about the ‘hands’ part. This works wonders on foot2the feet. Full of several different kinds of oils, including eucalyptus and lavender, it goes to work quickly and feels amazing. A little goes a long way, and using more will not make it more effective. So exercise a little restraint with quantity, and instead use some of that zeal to really massage it in and get the full benefit of the formula.

Pop on a pair of socks, moisturize the rest of your body, and go to bed. Overnight, your feet will have a chance to really soak in all that moisturizing goodness. You’ll wake up with the softest feet ever, and maybe feel a little better about exposing them in public.


One thought on “We SAID: Best Foot Forward

  • Pedicures are so expensive! Pedicures are cheaper and more sanitary when you do them yourself! Great post!

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