She SAID: Post-Party Detox

Terri Kennerson

Who declared the 4th of July Holiday an indisputable cheat day?

*raises hand

If you did not declare that on America’s Independence Day you would eat and drink all that was before you (and then some) you’re probably alone. Millions of people gorged themselves on just about everything they could get their hands on in the spirit of independence (I declare thee free from… diets!), and those millions are likely paying for it today in the form of bloating, lethargy, constipation and general yuckiness. If ever there was a time to detox, it’s now.


No matter how you slice it, you really can’t go wrong with any dark green leafy vegetable.cheatdaydetox Broccoli, Spinach, Lettuce, Kale… all are fantastic sources of low-fat, high-fiber goodness. Besides nourishing the body with everything from folic acid to vitamin c, they’ll help push out all the madness consumed within the last 24 (48… okay 72) hours. Eat them raw, steam them, bake (yes, bake) them, or sauté them. Just don’t smother them in butter or cheese and you should be good to go (and by ‘go’, we mean don’t make any plans too far away from a clean, isolated bathroom).


cheatdaydetox1Many of you will reach for a glass (or a gallon) of water. Consider reaching for coconut water as well. It’s low in calories, super hydrating and has more potassium than four bananas. Celebrity and athletic hype aside, coconut water is a natural diuretic, and might help move some of that Independence Day madness through your intestines and out of your body. Plus it’s a heck of a remedy for hangover.  Not that we’d know anything about that.


If you haven’t already, dig into a slice of watermelon. The sweet fruit is in season, and you’ve got the perfect excuse to enjoy it. One cup of watermelon will provide 17% of cheatdaydetox3vitamin A, 21% of vitamin C, 2% of iron and 1% of calcium needs for the day. It’s also full of healthy goodness like b-6, potassium, and zinc, and it contains more lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable. Despite all of that, watermelon is still more than 90% water. And just like water (and coconut water) it’ll go a long way to clean out your insides. Plus, it just tastes good. Win/Win.


If you’re like us, some of the food you consumed came from sources that couldn’t exactly be cheatdaydetox2confirmed. Prepackaged or processed meals often contain some kind of preservative to keep it fresher, longer. And let’s not even get into anything that your relative/friend/neighbor brought to the party. There’s no telling what they actually put in their famous 4th of July potato salad to make it so irresistible. Absorb some of the bad stuff with an activated charcoal tablet or two. Activated charcoal is typically used to absorb chemicals and toxins in the body.

Now that the fireworks, fanfare, and food are over we’re ready to get on the road to recovery.

Until next year… 😉


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