He SAID: Summer Style

Staff Writer

Summer hair should be like everything else this time of year: effortless and carefree. For those blessed with naturally bouncing and behaving hair, this is great news. But the rest of us need davidharringtona professional and a few hours, or risk walking around looking like birds have permanently taken up residence at the crown of our heads.

Or so we thought.

Hairstylist David Harrington is all about simplicity this season. So he’s divided styling options by time, hair length and hair type, to help us all make most of our style.


If you’ve got five minutes, you’ve got time to style your hair. Harrington recommends a summerhair2quick ponytail, a bun or a top knot. The style will work for any texture or length; even the shortest hair can be enhanced with a ponytail add-on. The key is to use styling products that feature smoothing properties. If you have curly or textured hair, use products that enhance your curl pattern and reduce frizz.


Got an extra five minutes to add to that? Work it out with a french twist or a ‘up/down’ style. Harrington recommends starting by using a curling iron to give your hair some texture (textured types can just start the braid right away with no prep needed). Finger comb your hair, twist it up and pin it in place. If you’ve got layers or a fringe, work with it and let the pieces that natural fall free frame your face. If you use any product at all, use something with a slight hold to keep the twist in place. If the twist comes out slightly messy, roll with it. ‘Tis the season to make it look like you’re not even trying to color inside the lines.
This is a great time to work on your braiding skills. Harrington believes in the braid, becausesummerhair it can take you from beach, to boating, to brunch with little to no trouble. Take a little extra time to French braid in any manner you like (inside/outside/fishtail). Use a holding product to keep the braids in place, and secure the ends with a hair-matching tie or band. Braids will work on any length, including shorter hair. But instead of keeping it, prep the hair with cornrows, then pull loose and finger comb with a light holding product. Or if you’re feeling it, keep the cornrows.
No matter what style you choose, spending less time on your hair protects it from over-manipulation and potential damage. Plus, it gives you even more time to soak up the Summer.
*A stylist with over 20 years experience, David Harrington has styled for Gucci and Escada. His artistry has been seen in Los Angeles Magazine, and on Entertainment Tonight, Univision and the British GQ Awards.

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