She SAID: Weatherproof Beauty

Shahada Karim

Summer is officially here, and unfortunately settling into the skin with hot and sometimes humid temperatures. Once flawless makeup application is replaced by greasy, patchy, sliding ensembles that look more like concept kabuki than 20 minutes at the vanity. If ever there was a time to apply the ‘less is more’ philosophy, it is now.


Skin comes out to play during the hotter months, and the face is no exception. Show off your complexion by enhancing it with tinted moisturizers instead of foundations or heavy powders.

weatherproof1The season’s best coverage can be found in Armani’s Maestro Liquid Summer. Don’t be fooled by the dark color in the bottle. These formulations go on about 2 shades lighter than they appear, with the darkest shade containing a healthy dose of red undertone (the other twweatherproofo have yellow undertones). Less is definitely more: a drop or two on bare skin (if it matches your skin tone) or in a face moisturizer goes a long way to smooth the skin. For less than ideal skin, a few more drops will provide foundation-like coverage. What’s noteworthy about this formula is that it doesn’t crease or move or sink into fine lines.

La Mer promises to enhance and repair the skin all at once with the new Reparative Skin Tint. Like all of its products, the formula features a healthy dose of the ‘miracle broth’ that made the brand famous. It’s also SPF 30. The idea is that the more you wear this skin tint, the better your skin will look and feel, even without any makeup. A little goes a long way with this formula. In fact, it’s possible to use too much (and at $95 a tube, that’s just a waste). The only down side is the shade selection; the colors range from very fair to barely medium (listed as ‘tan’), so the range of users is limited.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is doing away with the idea of adding product to add color, with a new range of Pro Bronze Fusion compacts. You’re instructed to ‘buff’ the color into the skin to give the illusion of a flawless finish. Believe it or not, this concept actually works. Although it doesn’t actually cover the skin, the pigment works to draw the naked eye away from any blemishes or imperfection. The result looks like your skin on its best day. You can also use it over any foundation or tinted moisturizer to perfect the finish. This formula comes in three shades (Light, Medium, and Tan) in two different finishes: matte and shimmer). Unlike liquid or other powder products, you can’t really overdo it with this formula. As long as you’re matched to your actual skin tone, you can layer this color to get the finish you desire.


One of the most innovative products to hit the market this season comes courtesy of weatherproof3Tom Ford. The Cream and Powder Eye Color comes in four shades that complement every skin tone and easily go from morniweatherproof5ng to midnight. The kits feature a cream and a powder eye shadow that can be worn alone or together. They can be applied and blended with fingers or brushes, and a relatively easy to put on and take off. Once on, they don’t move or crease, and can be removed with a mild cleanser.

Easy does it with mascara, and one of the most low maintenance formulas remains steady with Blinc. The tubing formula encases lashes (versus traditional painting mascaras) and resists sweat, oil and smudging. It’s been clinically tested to be non-irritating. That’s a win for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people. All that resistance breaks down easily with the application of warm water. Slide the ‘tubes’ off your lashes, pat dry, and move on.


Poppy King wins again. The creator of Lipstick Queen brings color, comfort, and ease of wear to reality with the new Queen Bee lip treatment. The bronze color is perfect for the season, and is sheer enough to move easily through a wide range of skin tones. It’s full of goodies like Royal Jelly, Chamomile and Sunflower Extract help soothe chapped lips. And the ‘honey’ smell is the perfect cherry on top of this lip treatment sundae.

A light touch (in makeup and in life) is key, and layer all of these products as needed. The idea is to look like you woke up like this, and no one should be the wiser.


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