She SAID: Clear Moisture

Shahada Karim

Gone are the days when deeply hydrated skin meant some form of ultra rich lotion or cream. These days, some of the most effective moisturizers come in a formula that is literally… clearly… different. Gel formulations are not new, but were oft reserved and marketed to oily skin types. Now, with the hot Summer months just around the bend, theyclear moisture are enjoying a resurgence in popularity for both oily and drier types. And forget about gel moisturizers being oil free; these days, they feature everything from snail mucus and EGF to anti-aging peptides and skin firming additives.

Now that the world has gone snail-crazy (bless the internet for granting us access to some of the best kept secrets in Asian Skin Care), everyone is trying to harness the most effective formulation to calm, repair, and restore skin to its healthiest state. Reorum is leading the charge with one of the most effective gel moisturizers to date. The Secret Formula Snail Gel is both calming andclear moisture 1 hydrating, but refreshing enough to use on even the oiliest skin types. It absorbs almost instantly, and leaves skin feeling dewy but not greasy. At $70+ per jar, it’s not exactly inexpensive. But it delivers much more bang for the buck than your average ‘miracle’ skin care.

Hada Labo Skin Plumping Gel Cream comes at a considerably lower price, but is no less effective: the Gokujun Perfect Gel claims to function as five skin care products in one. It contains Supahiaruron Acid, Collagen, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid. It’s recommended for all clear moisture 2skin types, and hydrates by creating a protective barrier on the skin. Although it’s not marketed as such, we found it highly effective as a makeup primer on drier skin types. And true to the company’s philosophy, there is no fragrance, mineral oil, or artificial coloring.

Korea’s top skin-care export, Sulwhasoo, does not disappoint with the Hydro-Aid Moisture Cream. Despite the word ‘cream’ in the descriptor, this product features a gel texture that promises to deliver and help skin retain moisture over time. Nothing from Sulwhasoo comes cheap, but fans can take comfort in knowing that a little bit of this product goes a very long way. Also to its credit, Sulwhasoo products play very well with others, so frugal skin-care junkies can mix and match for the best possible (and most cost-effective) results.


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