We SAID: Hot Commodity

Staff Writer

When it comes to perfume, some of us like to spray and go. And some of us want to mix, mingle, and blend all manner of scents for a bespoke result that speaks to our true selves. For the mixologist in all of us, there is Commodity.

commodity commodity2commodity1  commodity3

The fragrance house combines unusual notes to create blends names like Gold, Paper, Whiskey, and Book (which literally smells like… a book). You’re invited to wear these scents alone or mix them to your hearts desire and make something totally new. And although the scents seem to be separated by gender, it’s hardly more than a suggestion. The fragrances easily translate across gender and occasion lines with the additional spritz of one scent or another.

rain mossmimosawool tea

What sets Commodity apart are the singular scents themselves. There is some particular pleasure in wearing a scent that literally mimics the starchy clean scent of a blank sheet of paper. It reminds us of the film Perfume, where the protagonist tries his best to capture the scent of everything around him.

If you’re not ready to commit to this unusual journey into fragrance, no problem. Commodity offers sample kits to try before you seriously buy. So settle in and take a whiff. You’ll be glad you did.


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