We SAID: The New Bohemian

Staff Writer

Remember when being a bohemian or a hippie meant thrift store threads for a couple of bohemian2pennies and a general detachment to all things worldly? Not anymore. In true fashion, the industry has co-opted the style (and significantly raised the price) in such a way that completely obliterates earlier interpretations of the flower-child lifestyle.

The latest interpretations from Chloe will set you back anywhere from $2,000 to nearly $6,000. Same for haute-couture hippie standard Etro. The new tiered patio dress runs little more than 3 Grand.

And that’s just the clothing. Accessories like bags, bangles and the quintessential multi-stone necklace are also for sale at prices that would make the (stereotypical) patchouli-drenched set cringe. Glam shoe maker Giuseppe Zanotti went chunky for the current season with a selection of heels that look more like they came out of the back of a thrift bohemian5shop than a fine department store.

The good news is, it’s not necessary to pay such a pretty penny to look like you barely register among the fashion set. There are cheaper offerings from tbohemian4he likes of Vince, Haute Hippie and Johnny Was. And if those prices are still a bit steep ($150-$500), don’t worry. The current designs can easily be co-opted at an actual thrift store for a fraction of the price. You won’t get the designer label prestige, but if you’re a true hippie, you won’t want to anyway.


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