She SAID: Oscar Best

Terri Kennerson

We know that it’s amazing when you win, we know that it’s an honor just being nominated… but what we really want to know is how you made the biggest impact on the carpet (Sorry Reese. We promise to be more oscarbestsubstantial with our concerns in the future). Oscar night is damn near a national holiday (sort of like Super Bowl for the sports fan) for lovers of pomp, circumstance, and all things Hollywood. So we are thrilled that you’re over the moon to be presenting, nominated, winning… but seriously, who are you wearing?

Anna Kendrick stole the carpet by being among the first to arrive. Her peach Thakoon gown immediately raised the bar for everyone who came after. She  looked completelyoscarbest2 gorgeous and comfortable all at once. Often the guests do the most or not enough, and the effect is either overwhelming or completely forgettable. But Kendrick struck the perfect balance. We love.

Not to be outdone, Rosamund Pike freshened up a rare rainy LA day by literally wearing a bouquet of red roses. Her Givenchy frock would have fallen flat on a lesser figure. It may have even come off as cheap. But the combinoscarbest1ation of simple hair and statement makeup offset the gown, and projected an unusual combination of no-nonsense structure and fairytale whimsy.

Lupita decided to go one step further and wear as many pearls as one could be fit on a single dressoscarbest3. Her custom Calvin Klein creation featured 6,000 pearls of different sizes. We’re sure the dress weighed a ton, but Lupita carried it as if it were made of air. Her effortless hair and shimmering makeup worked more to enhance in the unusual creation, without being overshadowed by it.

And the ultimate comeback kid (even if he didn’t take home the golden statue, he’s still a winner), Michael Keaton, clearly hit the gym and got some real fashion sense while he was away. Keaton hung his Ralph Lauren tuxedo in such a way that makes us truly appreciate tailors, and wish that more people would employ their talents before showing up to Hollywood’s biggest party.




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