He SAID: Texturize

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We’re ready to make some big changes with everything from home to davidharringtonhair style. It’s time to shed those Winter layers and get ready to Spring into a new look. Hairstylist David Harrington says the secret to this season’s hair, is texture. “I feel that you’re going to see a lot of short textured hair.texturize1 We’re moving away from the disconnection of last year, to boy short on the sides and a short textured top. It’s something you can shape up with a bit of styling paste,
and run out the door.”texturize3
If you’re not ready for the big chop, textured locks look great on medium length hair as well. “A bob length look is great, but layers are key to release the texture of the hair. For some people that means adding soft curls to a style. But if you’re lucky enough to have natural waves, you can just add some light gel and go on about your day.”

If your hair is realltexturize4y long, then you’re already ahead of the game. Harrington says the style stays the same for long hair, and hasn’t really changed even as trends do.

“Long hair is long hair… long layers never go away. I think you’re going to see a 70’s inspired look this Spring, with center parts and wavy natural looks for really long hair.”

And what about color?

“Color-wise, we’ve  moved away from the ombre look. Instead, you’ll see more natural highlights this year. The more subtle the highlights, the better. The overall effect is meant to be beautiful and natural… like you were born with it.”

*A stylist with over 20 years experience, David Harrington has styled for Gucci and Escada. His artistry has been seen in Los Angeles Magazine, and on Entertainment Tonight, Univision and the British GQ Awards.


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