She SAID: Bottoms Up

Terri Kennerson

We’ve all seen her: the ultimate Yogi Stereotype. Effortless hair, beautiful skin, and an amazing pair of yoga tights that make everything look perfectly balanced. She makes us feel like only through the power of these tights, may the perfect handstand be within our reach. So we traipse to the nearest yoga studio/clothing store/internet site and plunk down a month’s mortgage for those awesome tights, that we too may look as amazing. We hurriedly squeeze our thighs into them, only to discover that we better resemble an overstuffed sausage than perfect yogi.


Many people learn the hard way that like hair, one style does not fit all. Yoga tights are as diverse as yoga bodies. So with a little research and a lot of money (and some great return policies), we managed to narrow down the best tights for your personal yoga booty.

Slender Hips/Thighs: TEEKI

Teeki has made a name for itself by making its tights of recycled bottomsupplastic. It’s an eco-friendly idea with at least one drawback: we’ve noticed that after a good hot yoga session, our tights smell a bit like hot garbage. After a thorough washing and air dry the smell goes away, but as soon as the tights heat up again, it comes back.

The fit is best suited to the slender types. The hot pants feature a low inseam and a hip hugging quality. The band is designed to rest comfortably on the hips with no compression, and will not move or slide as you move through your asanas.

Professional Discount: No

Customer Service: Excellent


OmShanti  Clothing makes a version of these tights (higher inseam) with better fabric at a comparable price. The fabric is thicker and the waistband comes up higher for the bootylicious among us. The actual pattern is nearly identical to Teeki, so if you’re a fan of the cut but want more coverage this is your tight of choice.

The fabric is also excellent for sweat wicking. Because it’s thicker, it hugs curves without cutting off circulation. And beware of vanity sizing; we found that these pants tend to be on the generous end, so a size small fits more like a medium.

Professional Discount: Yes

Customer Service: Good


Sweaty Betty is more about the workout and less about the yoga, but the company still sells a decent selection of yogi-centric clothing. One of the most noteworthy details about the yoga pants is the inseam. It might almost be too high. But if you’re all about that Bass, this is excellent news.

The fabric is very thick and feels like velvet. Despite the thickness, it does an excellent job of wicking away moisture. The only thing that might frighten you is the price. We found Sweaty Betty to be on the higher end, but its more than justified in the quality and construction of the pants. They can be conventionally washed and dried, and still perform above and beyond reasonable expectations.

Professional Discount: Yes

Customer Service: Excellent


Daughters of Culture has done away with sizing altogether, with a collection of tights that fit anyone from a 2-14. The company claims the fabric is not sheer no matter how much you stretch it… but there are documented reports of sheering out among some customers. The patterns range from adventurous to are-you-kidding-me wild, so if that’s your thing, this is your tight of choice.


The cut is very generous, with an elasticized waist (read: not smooth). The fabric is a brushed polyester blend that feels like the softest skin. We’d much rather sleep in these than practice in them. They’re actually that comfortable.

Professional Discount: No

Customer Service: Fair

The next time you’re searching for the ultimate apparel expression, remember this: there’s no such thing as the perfect pair of yoga tights. There is only the perfect pair… for you.


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