She SAID: Sheer Touch

Shahada Karim

This Spring, we promise to lighten up a little… at least sheer nails 1. jpgwhen it comes to nail polish. The new colors for Spring 2015 have already gone to market, and the message is whisper light.


Let’s bwhite nails2e honest, not everyone can pull off a white nail polish. The good news is, some companies are taking note and offering more than one finish in the color. Formula X recently released the ‘Sheer Strength’ line, with Cloud Nine (Sheer Ivory) topping the list. The color is transparent enough to compliment a wide range of skin tones without going garish. It also wears longer because chipping and peeling are less obvious in sheer formulas.


Lighter colors can be just as (if not more) tricky as white. Nails Inc is taking some of the guesswork out of the decision, with a collection of colors that offers a little something for everyone.

whitehall nails swan nails whitehorse nails lilly road nails

The collection, called The New White, features four white-based polishes with a hint of color. The formula contains Porcelain Flower Extract (Thailand), and claims to help improve nail strength and health.

So set aside those dark brooding colors of Winter’s (nearly) past, and embrace the coming season with the lightest touch.


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