She SAID: Digest This

Terri Kennerson

” ‘Tis the day after Christmas and all through the house…”

Everyone is trying to get their bearings after eating and drinking enough to feed a small army. The average person gains about 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Years (overweight or obese individuals gain up to 5 pounds). While that may not seem like a lot, that weight gain is not typically lost in the coming year. So, Happy Holidays! Here’s your annual holiday weight gain.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of remedies from all over the world to help you send those holiday pounds packing.

Ancient Chinese Secret:

Ginger Root has beedigestthis1n used for centuries to help with common stomach complaints. It’s a staple ingredient in both Eastern and Western cooking, but as medicine… it’s most effective when used by itself. Ginger paste or juice is typically used to treat nausea and digestion. A few preliminary studies suggest that ginger may even help lower cholesterol and prevent blood from clotting. That can help treat heart disease, where blood vessels can become blocked and lead to heart attack or stroke.

From Russia With Love:

Kombucha started in China, but really took hold in Russia in the digestthis21900’s. The drink is enjoying quite the surge in popularity these days. It’s nearly a staple drink in cities like Los Angeles, where manufacturers are flavoring the traditional tea with everything from plums to cayenne pepper. The lightly carbonated drink is typically made with sweetened black and/or green tea, which is fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria or yeast. Most health claims about kombucha have yet to be supported by scientific evidence, but it’s most typically used to aid with digestion and fatigue, and to maintain overall colon health.

(Middle) Eastern Promises:

A little bit of Fendigestthisnel goes a long way to help settle the stomach. The Mediterranean herb is used throughout the world to flavor a meal, or remedy many a digestive or respiratory problem. It’s common practice in many Middle Eastern countries to chew a little fennel at the end of a meal, to keep the gas at bay. It’s also been known to work wonders for heartburn.

So go ahead and indulge in those Holiday Favorites. Just follow up with a little spice (or fungus) to keep those Holiday Pounds from carrying over into the New Year.


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