She SAID: Sleep On It

Shahada Karim

The idea that the body repairs itself as you sleep is not new. The term ‘beauty rest’ lends itself to that science, and is nestled firmly in the lexicon of companies looking to capitalize on it.

Fresh is the latest company to take on the concept of overnight care. The new Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask promises to repair and rejuvenate the skin as you sleep. Fresh claims the formula (which includes hyaluronic acid, blackberry flower oil, and jojoba esters) specifically works in synch with the nighttime recovery process. To prove this, they’ve included the results of a mildly scientific test (over 28 days on less than 3 dozen subjects) on their website.

You’re instructed to apply a generous amount onto the skin as a final step in your skincare ritual. The thick cream mask does not absorb; rather it sits as a white sheet on the skin that eventually fades away to a thick shiny slick. This is what Fresh calls a ‘corset’ effect, as the mask holds in place all the products you applied prior.

Here’s what we know: You’d do well to get a Takamakura if you plan on getting any actual sleep in this mask. The finish remains sticky (and a little claustrophobic) for at least the first hour after application. By morning, our face was firmly planted in the pillow… but somehow none (or very little) of the mask transferred. The finish was just as shiny (and thick) as it was the night before.

Removing it is easier said than done. It took two washes with a mild cleanser, and a rigorous scrubbing with a Clarisonic before we were convinced that the mask was gone. What remained was impossibly soft skin that was definitely brighter and a tad tighter. There’s no denying that this mask works. The question you have to ask yourself is how far you’re willing to go for those results.


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