She SAID: Season’s Best Scents

Shahada Karim
The Holiday Season can wreak havoc on even the most traditionally level-headed personality. Between planning, shopping, decorating, and getting ready to receive those family members  you love from long-distance… it can all get to be a bit much. One of the simplest ways to unplug (if only for a moment) is with a calming burst of fragrance.
 NEST Fragrances pulled together an inviting combination in the  Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser. The fragrance blends sweet patchouli, heliotrope, bergamot and eucalyptus. The diffuser holds strong even in the most chaotic circumstances. Set it up in the busiest room in the house, to help balance out the mood.
Molton Brown’s White Mulberry Room Spray takes any space from stuffy to airy with a spritz. The crisp fragrance has a basil top note, but dries down to a herbal floral thanks to mimosa and thyme. Keep it handy for that in-law who pretends that they quit smoking, but insists on walking around the block every few hours or so.
Keep tight spaces fresh with a few strategically placed L’OCCITANE satchets. Beyond the closet, these little miracle workers can be tucked into nightstand drawers, bathroom cabinets and even hidden in the sides of chairs and couches. The combination of bergamot,
mascentndarin, sweet orange and geranium can be uplifting and calming at the same time.
Once you’re ready to settle in (and close the door for some much needed solitude), nothing beats a PADDYWAX Library Candle. The Leo Tolstoy version is one of the best, with notes of Black Plum, Persimmon and Oakmoss. The scent conjures up feelings of relaxation and wonder, like the first time you curled up in the corner of a library with Tolkien and got lost in Middle Earth. Okay, maybe that was just me.
Take a deep breath. January 2nd always comes.

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