We SAID: Spice it Up

Staff Writer

Walk into any grocery or department store this season, and you’ll likely be hit with the unmistakable scent of cinnamon. It’s a common fragrance additive around this time of year, meant to invoke feelings of warmth, coziness and (retailers hope) an urge to spend more than you may have intended. cinnamon1

Although cinnamon (in smell and recipes) are a staple this time of year, it’s a great spice to incorporate anytime. Common applications (besides baking) include adding it to coffee, teas, oatmeal or any other warm cereal or beverage.

Traditionally cinnamon bark has been used as medicine to help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes, or to help lower cinnamon2cholesterol and fight yeast infections. Lab studies show that cinnamon may reduce inflammation and fight certain bacteria.

You can also use cinnamon to clean up (and spice things up) around the house. Oil extracted from cinnamon will help kill common household germs and deodorize most surfaces. A natural product that kills germs and smells like the season? Win/Win.


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