We SAID: For Your Consideration

Staff Writer

The Holiday Movie Season is in full swing. ‘Tis the season to break out the tissues and settle in for heartwarming stories that make us forget about all that is (insert descriptor here) with the world.

INTO THE WOODSThis is the best time for companies like Disney, who thrive on the ability to tug on the heartstrings in  new and inventive ways. Of late, Disney has put a new spin on old classics, and their latest offering is no exception. Into The Woods combines childhood favorites Cinderella, Jack & The Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel… and re-tells the stories with a new twist. The result is a ‘lesson’ (Disney is big on lessons) for each of the main characters in the story, and maybe a little something for the audience as well.

Adults may find a greater lesson in love and life, in The Theory Of Everything. consideration12The story of physicist Stephen Hawking comes to life on the big screen, chronicling his love affair with his wife Jane. The story is shaped from the beginning of Hawking’s discovery that he has motor neuron disease, and his ambitious decision to study time. The film carries us through Hawking’s groundbreaking achievements in science and medicine, with Jane ever by his side.

consideration3That theory is loosely weaved into the film Interstellar. This layered tale attempts to educate us about the time, space, love and gravity. It’s an ambitious effort, and we’re not entirely sure it works. But it’s visually entertaining, and the story does sort of keep you wondering what could possibly happen next for a total run time of 3 hours. And you thought Lord Of The Rings would never end…

Interstellar and The Theory of Everything are now playing. Into The Woods opens Christmas Day.




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