She SAID: Luxury Rebel

Terri Kennerson

There was a time when dressing like a biker meant you had to invoke all the worst stereotypes about such a choice, including utilitarian2fashioning complete outfits from old Metallica t-shirts and union/ confederate  flags (not to mention the lack of acceptable hygiene). Fortunately, times have changed. Some of the biggest names in utilitarian clothing have upped the ante (and the price) on construction and quality.

No one quite does outerwear like All Saints. The new Ryn Parka mixes wool, leather and bone to create a multidimensional topper that can be worn a number of ways. The company has made a name for itself with impeccable construction that defies mistreatment from even the most absent-minded among us (I’ve run over more than one coat and/or scarf with my car in some mad dash to some place or another. Don’t ask).

utilitarian5Before the elegant re-birth of matte jersey (thank you Donna Karan. Our humble apologies St John, but Donna did it better), the textile was usually relegated to comfortable fat pants and maternity wear. By the time Helmut Lang got hold of it, we’d already begun to trust that we could all look good (and be comfortable to boot) in it. The Nova Dress goes from the boardroom to drinks and dancing with the addition (or utilitarian3subtraction) of a few accessories. If you’re really ready to tap into your inner luxury rebel, pair it with a pair of Frye Veronica Shorties. Frye continues to make boots that wear and fit like the most comfortable pair of sneakers. A good pair will last you at least a decade. The best part is the longer you wear them, the better they look.


Even without the full get up, the right accessories make all the difference. Less is a whole lot more. So if you go with a scarf, or earrings, or steel/silver/hematite bauble… do just one or two. Too much and you begin to look like new money, and all of the terrible (TERRIBLE) stereotypes that come with it. Biker chic is effortless in its elegance, and appears to be more unconsciously tossed together than carefully thought out. ‘Tis the only way to properly pay homage, without sacrificing basic comforts and considerations.


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