She SAID: Reconnect with Phylia [de M.]

Shahada Karim

Phylia [de M.] is one of those brands that sits comfortably at the top of thephylia heap of cult favorites. Turns out, it’s with good reason. The small plain bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment sell for a pretty penny… and often sell out. Supporters go on about it being the best decision they ever made for their hair (and skin). They vehemently defend the $300 price tag for an 18oz bottle of ‘Re-Connect’ leave-in treatment, and urge you to try it and see for yourself.

The company is an  open book, listing ingredients and generic functions of said ingredients. Still, the question of exactly ‘how’ these products work is in play. To start, there is nothing incredibly impressive about the phylia1list. With the exception of Fulvic acid (we suspect this is the powerhouse that makes the rest of the ingredients work as they do), the lineup is pretty standard. Keratin, Soy Protein, and even a Sulphate in the shampoo. And yet, after 3-6 uses… you’d be hard pressed to follow up with a conditioner.

Good thing, because the conditioner is not among the best we’ve ever used. It’s okay. It gets the job done, but there’s no miracle that takes place here. Those supernatural feats are firmly reserved for the shampoo and phylia2the company’s crown jewel: Re-Connect.

The spray on formula goes directly onto the scalp, and is meant to bring existing hair to its healthiest state and encourage the growth of new hair. That claim is not unfamiliar. The difference is, in this case it’s actually true. The tiny bottle is supposed to be used in conjunction with Connect (the company’s other, less potent leave in),  but even by itself it performs beautifully. A few sprays after a vigorous shampoo, and you’re good to go. After one week of use (particularly along phylia3the hairline), the difference is apparent. Hair is softer, thicker, and growing in that unruly way best described as a child who mussed their Sunday best ‘do.’

If you thought the shampoo ingredient list was standard, the list for Re-connect is even more so. There are only six ingredients, three of which take some effort to pronounce. But like the shampoo, this product produces results nearly unmatched by its counterparts. And although we’re not exactly keen on ponying up $300 for a bottle, we sort of understand why someone would.


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