We SAID: Sweater Weather

Staff Writer

You can’t always tell in certain parts of the country (Los Angeles, we’re looking at you), but sweaterdonnakaranAutumn is in full effect. Gone are the transitional layers and season-less styles. We are firmly entrenched in Sweater Weather.

Forget the hideous creations of that relative who insists on knitting little ‘surprise gifts’ for you and bestowing them on you at the family gathering (so you have no choice but to immediately put it on and declare the misshapen mass a perfect fit). Today’s sweater selections can swaddle you in cozy perfection, or get you through a night of drinking, dancing and debauchery in style. sweater

Fashion designers from Donna Karan (home of the original comfort couture) to Alexander McQueen have taken what was once considered a frumpy necessity, and shaped it into a silhouette that would make the most discerning dresser proud. Put away the Uggs and break out the Blahniks; these sweaters will make you put down the hot tea, ditch the plans to binge watch your favorite show, and get you off the couch and out the door.

Instead of your average cable knit variety, this season’s sweaters are fashioned with everything from silk and cashmere sweater2to virgin wool (and if you’re Carolina Hererra or  Michael Kors… a whole lot of Fox and Mink). Although those threads are not new, the way they’re made make all the difference. They drape and feel like the much lighter pieces, and they’re designed to be the staple piece of an ensemble, rather than the cover up. These designer duds comes with an equally lofty price tag, so prepare to pony up for silhouettes from the likes of Helmut Lang and The Row. It’s not a stretch to find one of these creations with a $4,000 price tag. File this firmly under ‘you get what you pay for.’ In this case, the distinction of wearing a knitted creation that bears the (insert designer du jour) name.


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