We SAID: Shake It Off…

Staff Writer

Monday morning began with a sobering reminder of the weekend revelry; Boo to Halloween for showing up on a Friday! After three days of too much of … everything … it’s time to face the work week. And let’s be honest: you’re not ready. Even Daylight Saving Time wasn’t enough to undo the damage.

recovery1Getting back on track may require more than simply plunging your face in a sink full of ice water. Open up  your pores (and give your senses a boost) with a quick treatment using Fresh Black Tea Mask. The cooling mask gets to work in about 10 minutes, and plumps up the skin. It’ll help you look refreshed (even if you aren’t) and get your skin on the road to recovery.

Before you leave the house, pop a shot of Dr. Slim’s Detox in a bottle of water. The liquid formula contains familiar ingredients like Ginseng and Garcinia Cambogia. It’s not a miracle in a bottle, but it will get things moving again. Sip it throughout the day to jump-start the metabolic process.

Pair the water concoction with a handful (or more) of Jujubes. These exotic dates crunch and taste a bit like tiny little apples. But don’t let the size fool you; they pack a powerful digestive punch, and will help recoveryyou flush your system clean.

Once you’re back home, brew up a pot of ginger tea. Slice a 1-inch plug of ginger root and add to boiling water. Let it steep for about 10 minutes before drinking. If you want to really get things moving, eat the ginger. recovery5

About 30 minutes before you turn in for the night, put on Peter Thomas Roth’s Gold Mask, and boost the process with Knesko Nano Gold Eye Pads. The mask promises to lift and tighten the skin with a boost of caffeine (it didn’t seem to have any effect on our ability to fall asleep), colloidal gold, and a moisturizing dose of hyaluronic acid. The Eye Pads diminish puffiness and reduce signs of fatigue.


Then take yourself to bed. Turn off the television, turn off the phone and turn off the lights. Tuesday will be a better day. Here’s hoping.


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