We SAID: Making (Scary) Faces

Staff Writer

Halloween is just days away, and many people are scrambling to find the perfect ‘look’ for any given party (or stroll down the street to scare the crap out of little trick or treaters). If you’re looking for a little inspiration, these artists might be able to help you find just what you need to get the job done.



Goldiestarling (Angie) is a humble makeup artist with a huge amount of talent. Her work has been featured in Makeup Artist Magazine, the New York Times, ABC News, Yahoo Shine, and Daily Mail. This refreshing artists speaks to (not at) her viewers, and shows you the simplest way to create complicated looks.



Klaire (with a K) possesses the artist’s penchant for thinking visually. It is often easier for her to show you, than to tell you. Her creations use some of the simplest colors and formulas (you won’t find any ridiculously high priced makeup here). She is a testament to the notion that true art knows no boundaries (or price tags). Be warned: her looks are not exactly suited to a trip to the grocery store. But if you’re headed for a masquerade or costume party, you needn’t look any further than Klaire.



Pixiwoo (Nicola and Samantha Chapman) make their living by applying makeup and selling a collection of affordable Makeup Brushes to help fans imitate their creative looks. Halloween is when the sisters really shine. This rendition of ‘Chucky’ is a perfect example of how (and why) Pixiwoo has been able to parlay their talents into a successful career.


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