He SAID: Hair Rehab

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We did the MOST over the summer, and now our hair is paying the price. Sun exposure, saltwater (what? the ocean was CALLING us man) and one too many snatchbacks with a wet rubber band…

Now we’re looking for a miracle.

davidharringtonDavid Harrington might just be the man to perform it. He says no matter what kind of abuse you put your hair through… there’s probably an alternative to simply chopping it all off.davines

SM-What’s the quickest way to remedy Summer Hair Damage?
DH- The summer is a fun time of year. Unfortunately all the summer activities outdoors take its toll on the hair. Deep penetrating masks are a great way to go, if you have the time. One of my favorites is Davines All in One Milk treatment.
Shampoo and condition like normal, then spray the treatment in before you style. Comb through and watch the magic begin. It is truly wonderful stuff.
SM-  While we’re rehabbing our hair, what kind of ‘protective styles’ should we try?
DH- The best protective hairstyles are those that don’t require a lot of heat. When you’re treating your  hair for damage, the ‘styling’ portion of your routine is the one that takes the most toll.
SM- We’re thinking of a color change for the season. Are there any new hues we ought to consider for Autumn/Winter?
DH- Hair color is headed in a more beautiful and ‘natural’ direction. Wheat blondes are replacing platinum. That’s great news for people who don’t want to deal with the maintenance and upkeep on a really pale blonde. Copper is HUGE for this fall.  Also rich bold variations for brunettes, from warm browns to rich plums. Just stay away from Ombre. Let it die. Ombre is totally out!
davidharrington2 davidharrington3 davidharrington4
SM- What’s trending for Autumn/Winter Hair Styles?
DH- Short hair is getting a makeover with a fringe wrapped to the side. Unlike last season, the front and side lengths are more ‘connected’ for a seamless effect. Layers, textures and softer hairlines will also be big this season.

Medium hair will vary from chin length or just above the shoulders. A-line bobs are out, but chin length ‘box bobs’ are hot with or without layers. For curly hair, textured angles and round shapes are very happening.
Long hair is below the shoulders. I think you’re going to see less long stringy hair. Instead there will be stronger lines around the collar bone. You can work with long layers as long as they are blown out for a beautiful ‘polished’ look. The curling iron look with the half curls is out. It’s more about having healthy long hair, instead of that beach-y split end look.
*A stylist with over 20 years experience, David Harrington has styled for Gucci and Escada. His artistry has been seen in Los Angeles Magazine, and on Entertainment Tonight, Univision and the British GQ Awards.

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