We SAID: Extreme Beauty

Versace A/W 214
Versace A/W 2014

Staff Writer

The runways took a graphic turn for Versace, in Dontatella’s latest fashion installment. Makeup Artist Pat McGrath rose to the challenge of doing something with a bit of a colorful edge, and  designed a look with two shades of deep teal and black. The shape came together in the form of an extreme wing, that’s likely destined to stay on the runway and fairly far away from reality.

Still, the look is a great indicator of where makeup is headed in the coming seasons.  While we probably won’t see too many of these shapes on the streets of any given city du jour, this incredible deep shade of teal is likely to pop up in more than a few makeup looks.

Some companies are already ahead of the trend, offering quick and fairly goof-proof ways to incorporate teal. MAKE UP FOR EVER released the new Aqua-Matic pencils, one in a shade of iridescent turquoise. The waterproof formula goes on like a cream, and then sets to become water and smudge-proof.

It’s easbiellupitay to be intimated by strong or bright makeup colors, so Makeup Artist Eden Cooper recommends starting small, and building color intensity as needed. “It’s easier to add than subtract color.” She says. “Better to start with just a little bit, then keep layering on until you get the color you want.” Cooper recommends concentrating the color to one area. “If you spread the color everywhere, it can turn into a mess… keep it simple by placing the color in one small place on the eyes.”

Cooper says if you’re not sure where to concentrate the color, lining under the eyes is always a safe option. “It’s one of those trends that has sort of become timeless. Even though it’s been around for a while, lining the waterline in a bright color is unexpected and can be really chic.”

But if you’re ready to go all out, just keep layering. “It might be frustrating to go slow with building the color, but trust me it’ll be worth it when you get it just right.” Says Cooper. “There’s nothing worse than packing on color and ending up with a big mess. Just take it one stroke at a time.”




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