He SAID: Summer (Hair) is Here


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 Staff Writer

The official start to Summer is less than 24 hours away. Whatever will we do with our hair? Not to worry, Hair Stylist Extraordinaire David Harrington is on the case. He says the best way to embrace the summer season is with easy low maintenance styles that can take you from desk to disco with little to no effort.

David Harrington

SM: What’s trending in Summer Hair?

DH: This season is all about simple and easy styling. On long hair, you’ll see more center parts with very casual styling… from straight, to soft natural waves.

Another big trend is low ponytails. The occasion depends on just how much structure you’ll see in any given style. But the trend easily translates from an afternoon pool party, to a night on the town. The difference is in the finishing.

Davines Oil non Oil

SM: How do we get the perfect ‘finish?’

DH: For a more formal look, shine is everything. You can get lots of shine without weighing down the hair with Davines Oil non Oil. The product has a ‘wet’ effect, so you can shape your hair any way you like while the product is in it. I love to use it to create a loose ponytail on longer hair.

Davines SeaSalt Spray

If you’re going for a more casual look, you really can’t go wrong with a very ‘unstructured’ low center part ponytail. Use a texturizing spray on wet hair to give it body. Resist the urge to brush it through and just shape it with your fingers. Pull your hair into a low ‘textured’ ponytail that looks neat, but completely effortless.

summerhair7If your hair is naturally curly, you can get the same results with a lightweight curl cream. It will cut down on frizz and add texture and shine. It will also give you a lot of control while you’re styling your hair. The best way to use it is to add the product to wet hair, twist the hair in sections and either let it air dry or use a diffuser to speed up dry time.

SM: What about  more ‘controlled’ looks, like braids?

DH: I love braids! You can pull the hair into big braids by doing two to four french plaits. To hold them in place, give the hair a spritz with sea salt spray to help hold the style.

summerhair1 summerhair4summerhair2

*David Harrington is a stylist and educator for Kevin Murphy, Make-Up Designory, and DH Creative Loft.


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